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Which Real Estate Company is best for New Agents?

Which Real Estate Company is best for New Agents?

You might wonder about what is the best way to start your career as a real estate agent. Though you always have a chance to initiate your own business, it will take months or even years to give you a good profit. You may even have to pay for the bills and essential things from your own pocket in the starting months. So, it’s best to go for an easier and more effective way, i.e., joining a real estate company.

There are several real estate brokerages that offer monthly salaries, bonuses, commissions, and rewards from the beginning. Hence, you don’t have to worry about your necessary regular expenses and start your real estate career. The following are some of the best companies for new real estate agents.

ERA Real Estate

This real estate company is a global and national brokerage established to groom and train new agents. ERA Real Estate has a native training course, ERA University, which teaches everything about productivity, business planning, networking, and much more. Knowing the marketing and technology tools, new agents can avail of listings more efficiently and faster. This is why ERA Real Estate is an ideal place for agents looking for support and guidance to enter this field.

If we talk about their commission splits, the company has not mentioned it on their website. They propose custom commission plans for each real estate agent in a market. If you want to determine the exact commission split, you need to contact the nearest brokerage in your location. They also offer agents the option to use their office and extensive marketing tools. However, they don’t offer high split commissions. You may get low fees and competitive pay if you join this real estate brokerage.

While you may not become a millionaire by working with this company, you can learn several marketing tools and strategies that can help you in the future. In ERA, technology is the most important thing for the training of agents and marketing strategy. ERA Real Estate brokerage provides every team member a complete IDX-enabled site to display their open houses and listings. Another feature is that this website integrates with the ERA CRM and social media.

You can also enjoy the ERA app’s benefits to communicate with customers and handle business tasks effortlessly. TextERA is a texting lead generation method that operates through SMS marketing strategies. This tool gives a number for leads to message when they are interested in a house or other property.

Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker is one of the oldest real estate brokerages in America. This company’s culture can nurture long-term growth, improve the ability to build a personal business, and provide excellent training to new agents. Not to mention, this company focuses more on clients than any other thing. This type of client-centric focus is ideal for beginner agents who are in their learning phase when it comes to customer interaction, best practices, and sales.

Coldwell Banker has a strong presence in almost all sorts of markets and has a great number of agents at different levels. New agents can learn great things from this real estate company. It offers reasonable fees and commission to the new agents, which is great to start their professions. What’s more, there is no number for splits, caps, or desk fees. All of these fees are negotiable with the franchise, so you need to contact the local broker to get the real digits.

Apart from this, you can avail of a long list of advantages after becoming an agent of this real estate company. They have a training program for both experienced and new agents to furnish their skills. You have several opportunities to learn from their classroom workshops and online classes on marketing, technology, sales, and much more. After learning essential skills, you can also start your own Coldwell Banker brokerage or move to the management position. The best part is that Coldwell Banker does advertising on different multimedia like smartphones, web, and TV. This helps them to promote and increase the visibility of the local agents.

Keller Williams

Keller Williams provides seven weeks of Business Objective, a Life by Design or BOLD program to new agents. It teaches the agents through real-world situations such as sales closings and calls. Experienced and new agents learn the best way to position themselves as experts and understand marketing techniques within the local communities. According to their website, BOLD suggests agents practice language techniques, powerful mindset exercises, lead generation activities, and KW technology adoption. This program promotes sales through business-building activities and the relentless pursuit of leads.

Besides offering an amazing learning program, Keller Williams provides you a company with an agent-centric culture. They also offer you growth opportunities, generous commissions, and different education options. Keller Williams split commission through this method: 64% agent, 6% franchise, and 30% broker. However, when you reach the yearly cap, you can keep 100% of the commissions you earn after your first year.

With the franchise fees and broker share, you also need to pay a desk fee. This desk fee covers omissions insurance and errors, e-marketing services, customer relationship management software (CRM), paperless document handling, Google Apps, fax, phone, Android apps, and iOS.


We all know one of the unappealing aspects of the real estate career is the commissions and covering the start-up cost. Most of the agents take two to three months or even more to close their first sale. In the meantime, they have to work without any paycheck and have to pay for everything for the business from their pocket. However, Redfin is one of the real estate brokerages that make the transitions simpler and easier for the new agents. This real estate company also makes it easier for the established agents to stay in business.

According to the Redfin website, they pay approximately $20,000 each agent every year to cover mileage, benefits, MLS dues, licensing, equipment, education, and mobile services. These are the expenses that almost every agent has to pay on their own. Unlike traditional agents, who have to operate their business only on commission, Redfin company’s agents are employees. They earn bonuses, get a salary, and enjoy benefits, such as paid time off, healthcare, and parental leave. Additionally, the bonus every agent gets depends on the price of the property. If you meet the performance goals, you can also enjoy several rewards with higher transaction bonuses and a higher base salary. Redfin also gives bonuses and rewards to the agents who make loyal customers.

Besides that, Redfin gives about $25,000 to each agent every year for business expenses and benefits. All of their new agents are eligible for dental, musical, and vision plans for themselves and even their families. Agents also have the opportunity to learn from regular training to improve their skills. They have to work with the software developers to create better technology and tools and make their job more efficient and easier.

Weichert, Realtors

Weichert considers and treats prospective clients as people first and then as customers. It is the mindset that helps real estate agents to build good communication and relationship on a personal level. This helps them get a deeper understanding of their wants and needs. Weichert Realtors founder, Jim Weichert, has an innovative mantra for their training programs, i.e., “people buy people before they buy a product or service.”

Their training program is a combination of online learning and classroom. Moreover, the experienced agents also have to help the new agents in learning about the latest technology and best practices of the company. When it comes to commissions and bonuses, Weichert pays salary to their employees. The salary is based on your agent level and expertise. Real estate agents can get around $32,503, and brokers can get around $92,582 each year. However, as you are a beginner in this field, you may get a comparatively lower amount. Still, it will be enough for you.

According to their website, Weichert encourages new real estate agents to start and grow their careers with the help of their Lead Generation System. This system is known as Weichert Pro and offers you live sales training sessions and fast track training. It also provides you selling tools and listing as well as networking opportunities so that you have access to everything you want.

Bremer-Bjurquist Realtors

Bremer-Bjurquist Realtors operate in different parts of America like Dunedin, Clearwater, Pinellas, Tampa Bay Area, and others. This real estate agency has expert realtors who provide their customers with the best deals for buying or selling properties. Since their aim is to give solutions to the client’s problem, they don’t ask for payments until you get results.

Bremer-Bjurquist is a family-owned agency giving services for over 30 years. They believe in the personal service and customer satisfaction that force clients to trust them and come back every time they need help in selling or buying their property. As they are more concerned about providing the best services to customers, they train their agents about excellent techniques and strategies. They also offer a good salary package and commission to the agents according to their skills and expertise. You will always get opportunities to grow in this company and get more incentives. This makes them best for new agents who want to learn methods to sell and buy properties in the hottest real estate markets of America.

Not to mention, Bremer-Bjurquist is a member of the Pinellas Realtor Organization, which is the National Association of Realtors, and Dunedin Chamber of Commerce. Hence, you can easily buy or sell a brand new home, vacation home, retirement property, and any other properties.

Bottom Line

Now you know the best companies which you can join with little or no real estate experience. When choosing any of the mentioned real estate companies, make sure to contact them to determine the exact salaries and commissions for your location. Also, try to apply to all the companies to increase your chances of getting a job.


Craig Bjurquist

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